Water Quality Monitoring


ORION designs and supplies floating automatic stations

(buoys) for the monitoring of sea, lake and river waters.

The measuring stations can acquire both meteorological

and chemical-physical parameters in the water profile. A

current-meter can be also included for the measurement

of current values (intensity and direction) along the

profile. The management of the floating stations is done

remotely by means of data loggers connected via radio

or GSM (satellite) to the buoys to download data, make

data validation and data logging for later elaborations.

Some of our realizations can be found in the Gulf of

Naples, in the northern Adriatic sea and in the lake of



ORION supplies also fixed and mobile stations equipped

with continuous analysis instruments of river, well

water quality, ecc. The sampling systems are designed

specifically for each application.






ORION sells also:

  • Multiparametric probes
  • Refridgerated sequential water samplers
  • Colorimetric analysers for on-line determination of chemical parameters (nitrate, sulphate, chlorate, etc.)