Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Orion Environment - Continuous Emission Monitoring & Process

The comprehensive emissions and gas process

monitoring systems range offered by ORION includes:

single gas analysers certified by recognised bodies (TÜV,

US EPA, etc.) and complete Turn-key Systems based on

the best technologies available on the market and on a

proved system engineering.

Our technical staff offers the best experience in the

market both for the engineering of the systems and for

the after sales service.

All of ORION systems are equipped with intelligent units

for data acquisition, remote transmission and supervision

according to the legislation. The software EDA2003

and EDA 2003C, made by our own staff, is the best

solution in the market for a complete and personalized

management of the different systems.


ORION’s long list of references includes:

  • Emission monitoring systems of waste power plants, thermal power plants, cement industries, chemical industries, food industries, boiler manufacturers, etc.
  • Mobile stations for emissions monitoring equipped with portable instruments
  • Gas process analysis with a wide range of analysers, gaschromatographs, hydrogen and infrared analysers.