Air Quality Monitoring

Orion Environment - Air Quality Monitoring

Since 1988 , when it was established, ORION has

designed and supplied fixed and mobile air quality and

traffic pollution monitoring stations to many Italian towns.

The long experience acquired has allowed us to supply

complete air quality monitoring networks in some of the

European Countries.

We design and produce monitoring stations according

to the requests of our Customers, pursuing excellent

technical and quality levels; we supply, when required,

stations of a particular artistic design and with low

environmental impact, in order to respect the scenary

of installation.

According to specific requirements and in respect of the

legislation, we use certified analysis equipment of our

representative or of our own production.

The data acquisition and transmission systems

(EDA2000, EDA2000C) are designed and produced

by us and are qualified to guarantee the best reliability.

They can be personalized and later implemented to any

instrument added.

All our supplies and applications comply to the legislation

requirements in the field of air quality monitoring.


Mobile station ORION is monitoring the air quality in the city of Rousse - Bulgaria






Since October 13, an automatic mobile air quality monitoring station was positioned in the territory of the city of Rousse. "This was done in line with the commitment to the citizens of Rousse to periodically install a mobile station to monitor the ambient air quality in the city", Galin Grigorov, the regional governor of Rousse, says before journalists. “Intentionally, we avoided releasing any upfront information related to the presence of the station in the city so as to avoid any suspicion of manipulations and to prevent an eventual modification in the operational cycle of the factories.” Ivaylo Chifligarski, Chief Expert at the Executive Environment Agency, announces that the station was monitoring the primary ambient air quality parameters, plus hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, and fine dust particles, and no excess values were registered for any of these indicators in these days. The results reported for the period have already been sent to the Regional Environment and Water Inspectorate and to the regional administration. In the future, the station will be deployed for different periods of time at different locations in the city. Grigorov also announces that with the assistance of the Ministry of Environment and Waters and the Regional Environment and Water Inspectorate additional gas analyzers are to be installed in the city in the nearest future.