The Company

Established in 1988 and continually involved in the search of excellence, ORION enjoys now market leadership in Italy in the design, project engineering, production and sales of environmental monitoring systems:

  • air quality monitoring
  • emission monitoring and process analysis
  • water quality monitoring
  • management and maintenance of networks, systems and equipments
  • management and validation of environmental monitoring data
  • research and development of new technologies


ORION supports the customer from concept to project engineering, commissioning, after sales service offering its highly qualified commercial and technical staff.

ORION is a UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified company, working according to elevate qualitative standards that cover project engineering of plants and software, from production to service of the supplied systems.

ORION is also certified by Italian SOA as Qualifi ed Manufacturer of Public Supplies for the categories OS19, OS30 and OG12.

An important factor for the expansion of ORION S.r.L. on the Bulgarian market were the succesful implementation of a number of significant EU-fnded Projects in the field of groundwater and surface water monitoring  in Bulgiaria:

“Integrated Management of Transboundary Groundwater between Bulgaria and Romania in Dobrudja/Dobrogea Areа - supply of equipment” BG-RO 2004/016-783.01.02

The Project included delivery, installation and putting into operation of 22 stations for groundwater monitoring, delivery of GIS and modeling software, and specialized laboratory equipment.

“Strengthening of the Surface Water Monitoring” BG 2006/018-343.06.03

The Project included design, installation and putting into operation of network of 23 automatic stations for monitoring of chemical & physcal parameters of the surface water as well as meteo parameters, with real time collection and transmission of data.